Over a year ago I started making music videos with Mike Brown & have finally decided to do a behind the scenes, documenting how I started out.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 22.22.51.jpg


At this time I only had a 1 camera, my 550D, a 50mm, 100mm, and 24-35mm. For this Video I also borrowed a 650D. I also had my cheap £15 tripod and a Glidecam. I put my 550D and my 24-35 on the tripod, and the 650D with the 50mm on my Glidecam.  I shot like this so I could move and get smooth shots, but always had a static to cut to if It wasn't always perfect. Both lenses were at f2 and the shutter speed was 1/30, I used this at the time as I thought the lowest was what it should be and you only changed it to change the exposure if you had to.

I knew i wanted to make it look more interesting and liked the bokeh given by out of focus sources, so put up a vertical zigzag of fairy lights being Mike, hanging from a piece of wood hung from an overhead rope. I then looped the rope back and forward to hang filament bulbs either side of Mike, again for effect. 

For Audio I had a SE condenser mic, as at this time I was more interested in music tech than video, and ran it into a Presonus interface which was recorded in logic. I ran a mono line out from the keyboard into the second input in the interface. The audio sounded pretty good, and better than most people who had similar video setups. at this point I knew audio was at a good standard so focused on upgrading video equipment.

This video was a beneficial learning experience, as I was shooting properly with the Glidecam so got some practice in as I had just got it. I also found that the audio setup was pretty good as it was using 2 audio sources this time instead of one and a midi track. I enjoyed doing it live, and it was cool to setup lights to create the look I wanted.