Home was the 3rd video Me and mike filmed together, and was the first video where I had more than 2 cameras. It was also one of the few pre recorded audio track videos we did.

For my main locked off shot I used my new EOS M and 100mm with my rode video mic for scratch audio as mike was pretty far away from the camera. I did one take with this camera.

I had my Glidecam with my 550d and kit lens much closer, and just to the left of the frame of the EOS M I moved around getting different angles, and used the zoom to give the effect of different cameras in this space. I did 2 takes with this camera.

With the 650D I had someone hold it and move every 30 seconds or so or change the zoom on the 75-300, again to give the effect of more cameras. It would have been better to have a second tripod or monopod for this, but at this time I had neither.

The audio was playing from a phone out of a wireless speaker so that all the cameras had scratch audio to sync to, and so Mike could sing along. no audio was recorded live.

For the Edit I cropped the video down to 4:3 aspect ratio to give an old style look, this was because it was a very grainy image and didn't look great, so I decided to make it look purposefully bad. I added static and created a colour composite in R,G&B and offset each one to give the colour fringing look from old camcorders. All in all I think it turned out quite well, considering at first look it looked like we would have to reshoot. I Learnt that we needed to shoot earlier and that I needed another tripod now I was using 3 cameras.