Over a year ago I started making music videos with Mike Brown & have finally decided to do a behind the scenes, documenting how I started out.


Starting out I only had a 1 camera, my 550D kit lens and 100mm. I also had an old nikon 50mm. For this Video I also borrowed a 650D. I also had my cheap £15 tripod and a Glidecam. I put the 650D and my kit lens on the tripod. I had the 550D with the 50mm on my Glidecam I had only received the Glidecam so used it more as a monopod on a ledge. As the 50mm was a nikon lens I was holding it essentially free-lensing, giving a very blurred out background, which was good as it didn't look great.

As it was evening in winter there was no light, so we had to use 2 large fluorescent bulbs taped to an old tripod and a light stand, which didn't look great but along with the filament effect bulbs got the job done.

For audio We use My midi keyboard and my Se z3300a running into Mikes presonus interface.

the background wasn't great, so we tried to fill it with objects and lights that we could then blur out, which didn't really work with the kit lens but looked good with the 50mm. 

I learnt a lot and the audio for 2 people from one mic wasn't too bad, but it would have been good to have a second mic. I also had some cheap video lights on order which would have been good for this video. It was good to do a one take multicam video, stylistic of live events or weddings.