On the second day we filmed 3 videos which was a significant amount more than the prior day, but we made it a bit easier for ourselves by filming it all in the same room, we just turned around, and made each video different, so it was not boring and repetitive. All the videos where shot on two cameras as my replacement EOS M had not arrived yet, so it was just my 550D and my sisters 650D.

The Audio setup for all 3 videos was the same too, we had one SE 2200A for vocals, and 2 DI out the piano into a stereo track on logic. the nice thing about DI is there is no spill, like the issue we had on the first day with the guitar. the interface we used today was the Presonus Firestudio project, opposed to yesterday where we used the Firestudio mobile.

It all went well, and was one of the quickest edits I did, as I filmed the whole thing, just me, so I knew what to cut to and how I was going to edit it and shot accordingly, instead of looking through other peoples footage to figure what they are going to do next. The day was relatively problem free and only took about 9 hours, and I had time to collect a pallet!




On Wednesday, the 3rd day of filming was our most ambitious video of the whole 12 days. For one of the 12 days I wanted to film in the woods and I wanted it to be something surprising, and not just someone playing an acoustic guitar in the woods which has been done hundreds of times. so I deiced to film in the woods on the hardest one possible, the drum video. so not many people have filmed drums in a forest, and those that have didn't use studio equipment to record audio. so this was really a first.

So I started the day by dismantling the pallet that I collected the day before and then turned it into a flat plat from for the drums. at first it didn't fit in Bradley's car so i had to remove one slat, which the caused problems later on. in total, there were 2 loads of gear with the drums, christmas tree and guitar as well as the lights and recording stuff.

First off we setup the drums on the pallet, but it was too small to fit the chair on width ways, so we had to have it length ways with cymbals and the floor tom on the ground. we also had the interface on the edge of the pallet stage. We filmed 2 videos, first Mike's one. for this we used an SE 2200a for vocals and SE 3300a for the guitar. We used an SM57 for the snare and an AKG d112 for the overhead we used an AKG c430. When it came to mixing, there was too much spill in the SE vocal and guitar mics, so we had to overdub them. had we have known this we would have recorded the drums with the setup we used for Bradley's video, Which was both the SE mics as overheads, the SM57 and Akg 112 on kick and snare, and the AKG 430 is replaced with and AKG d40 on the floor tom.

All in all both videos turn out really well, and visually are really cool. for bradley's I applied the VHS from the home wedding video. Also my EOS M replacement arrived in time for this shoot, which meant I was able to shoot with 3 cameras for this video which was good as I wanted as many angles as possible for this video as it is one of the coolest videos I have ever shot.