So in the first week of December I decided to buy theEOS M as a little camera to keep in my bag constantly. It appealed to me as it had a similar crop sensor to the one in my 550d, which I use constantly, but with a pancake lens its about the same size as a IPhone.

Upon Receiving it I was amazed by its functionality for its size, including that it records 30 minutes like the 5d instead of 11 or 12 minutes like a lot of other canon cameras. I shot half of Mike's 12 Days of christmas as a 3rd camera and used a 550d and 650 d as my main cameras. 

Once It was fully setup with a mic, EF-M>EF adapter and a good lens it can quickly transform from a small pocket camera to a pretty good main camera. It has a touchscreen, which is a nice feature too. one downside to this camera is that the autofocus isn't great and as far as I'm aware there is no digital zoom to manual focus to focus before filming either. another issue with this camera is the fact that you cant attach nikon lenses with an adapter, which I frequently do with my other two.

All in all I really love this camera, its metal body and glass screen is a nice touch too, that add a quality feel, and with some L-lenses or Art series lenses it can be a really nice camera for an extremely low cost (mine cost £99 pre-owned).