For my main setup I use a 550D and have magic lantern installed with focus peaking turned on for more precise manual focus while filming. I shoot on the cinestyle preset on all cameras so often having exposure peaking turned on helps.

My second 550D is off to one side of the congregation about 3-5 rows back. I shoot like this so that all shots comply to the 180 rule and it's also useful to not obstruct guests view or the photographers background.  

My third camera is an EOS-M in the centre of the isle at the back, again to not obstruct the photographer, and I'll tell them it's fine to obstruct of they need too, as this is more of a safety/wide, but can be nice if clear for the first kiss.


For my main 550D I have my 100mm and 24-35mm on me constantly. One is on the camera and one is in the sigma case which has a helpful belt loop.

for the main isle I have either a 50mm or the 75-300 depending on how dark and how large the church is.  then depending on what I have on the main isle I will use the other for the side shot of the bride.

I tend to use either the 18-55, 22 or 24-35 for prep depending on how small or dark the space is. I Will always use the 100mm for rings and often flowers too.

Although this setup doesn't cover all focal lengths it is a great setup for a wedding due to its good balance of low light ability and focal lengths needed for almost any room, as you often don't know what places you will be shooting in.

If I was to change anything about this setup i would change the 75-300 for a 100-400mm just for the extra focal length, and the 18-55 for a 10-22mm for even tighter spaces.



Manfrotto Monopod (MVM500A)

This is what I use for the bulk of the wedding it has the stability like a tripod and the ability to quickly move around. i like it as it has a very small footprint so even in tight spaces you don't have to resort to handheld, this helps keep all the footage look professional.

Manfrotto Tripod (755CX3)

I recently invested in this to replace my cheap tripod which I have had since I was taking photos on a little point&shoot. It is very sturdy, and with weights added it stays still even with very loud, bass heavy music. I like the solid bass with the fluid heat to get really nice pans and tilts. my only problem with it is there is no real friction control on the centre column so it is set in its position, once the height has been chosen, so often revert to my old tripod to get more vertical jib like movement. Another good thing is this tripod can support a fair bit of weight, so when shooting with more than 3 cameras i can place 2 on it. (more on this in a later post)

Glidecam HD 2000

In my personal opinion the glidecam is perfect for a wedding! with enough practice (and a lot of time spent at the gym) you could shoot a whole wedding and get a huge range of different shots. I sold my first one when gimbals came out, but quickly regretted that as the glidecam is much easier to setup, even though its harder to use. Also the glidecam is much easier to get what i want it to do and can quickly switch directions.

Fluid Head (MVH500AH)

I use this fluid head for video is it is lighter than the larger one, and the lager one is a bit heavier and more expensive for very little more. I have one on my tripod and one on my monopod. 


I will usually take 2 EOS-M batteries, 7 550D Batteries and an assortment of SD cards amounting to 416GB 2 of the 64GB will always have magic lantern on for my main camera, and are labeled so not to mess with cameras that don't have it installed. I will usually take 3 chargers as well so when batteries run out they can be charged while I'm using the replacement. I also take a USB charger to keep my phone charger in case i need to call a cab or contact the bride or groom or any unforeseen emergency.

I also take a load of random bits and pieces such as ND filters, an old Nikon film 50mm, my old backup tripod and my on camera rode mic.

I know I haven't covered everything, but will make another post explaining exactly what setups look like and how ill shoot with more cameras and a second shooter.

I might also do some similar ones for other areas such as gigs and music videos.