I have finnaly got round to doing an updated review of the canon 100mm This First part is more of a first impressions from when I first borrowed this lens over 4 years ago!

As you can see it keeps the water droplets sharp when on a surface with one and surface’s with many colours. also its image stabiliser and quick auto focus make it good for a beginner and someone looking for top end macro quality. The images here show that when stopped down to F2.8 its field of focus is limited to about 5 cm from the point of focus, sometimes less. This means it can be used for great bokeh and night time shots.

For this image you can see a very shallow depth of field, probably only 2 cm but it keeps that small area sharp while producing good bokeh in the background. You can also see that the colour intensity is very dramatic thanks to the lens, and before you say its the camera its not as I tried to replicate this image with the kit lens and it was no where near as intense.

Not much has changed about my opinion of the lens apart form the fact that in my first review i had said about how I didn't think it would be a good portrait lens, and its now my go to portrait lens for weddings! this lens is really one of the most versatile lenses and so much fun to shoot with.

I was on a shoot recently, and even though I had a 70-200 f2.8, therefore technically had a 100 I still opted to use the 100mm. I also use it for video, below you can see it on my EOS-M i like the focus length on it so you have much more precision and slow focus pulls when filming.