How much will my event or project cost?

Each project is priced separately, so send me a message in the contact section below outlining your project or event, and I'll get back to you with an initial quote.

What type of photography do you do?

I mainly do band and wedding photography and am currently moving into more corporate work. But even if your project falls outside these areas I'm always happy to discuss it with you, as I may be able to execute what you wish, so feel free to contact me in the section below.

What do I not do?

I do not do graphic design, web design or any other form of outlined design. I also do not do live streaming of video or audio. At this time I also don't record EP's, albums or gig audio, but am working towards making this available. If you are unsure if your project falls into these categories then feel free to message me below for a definitive answer.